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About Uganda

Welcome to Uganda, the “Pearl of Africa”! If ever there was a country with a story to tell, it’s Uganda. Located astride the Equator,  Uganda has its own unmistakable identity, hospitable and passionate locals who are welcoming to all visitors.

All over the country, the Pearl of Africa is alive – The restaurants across the country will offer you the variety and the finest of the local cuisine. Don’t forget to try ‘matooke’ (kind of plantain) with ground nut sauce the next time you visit … and the grasshoppers (ensenene. Life is simple out there and worth living!

You could be one of the lucky ones who already live here, you’ll still find more than a few facts about this country that you didn’t know before.

So where exactly is this country? Often referred to as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ for its beauty; the magnificent biodiversity – the fauna and flora, the wonderful weather, amazing tourist attractions and more.

Places to Visit

Our Uganda Backpacker Guides will also cover a wide range of info about each area you would like to explore in Uganda including national parks, game reserves, towns etc.

Things to See

Discover what jewels Uganda hides throughout our listings of the best attractions to see in Uganda.

Those that have visited will testify. Truly gifted by nature, the country boasts of distinctive attractive destinations that stem from the bio diversity of its flora and fauna. It is home to the rare and endangered mountain gorillas that live in the now gazetted Bwindi impenetrable forest in the south west.

This country also plays host to 3 UNESCO world heritage sites; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park– for the gorillas, Rwenzori Mountains National Park and the Tombs of Buganda Kings at Kasubi.

Come with a mind open to pleasant surprises, historic wonders, delightful people, the cuisine and a life time Ugandan vacation experience.

Travel Tips

Easily find more travel info which is easier to read and understand offered by backpackers for backpackers.

Things to Do

Your trip through Uganda will involve you in different amazing adventure activities. Lots of activities are available from a quiet bush walk to the scariest white water rafting in the country. There is much to see and do – the sheer exhilaration rafting of the mighty Nile, the unforgettable awe of trekking mountain gorillas, majestic forests, bird watching, the excitement of stalking chimpanzees in the wild, Murchison Falls where the Nile River plunges twenty metres through a seven metre crevice, the wonder of climbing Mount Elgon, the serene beauty of the many islands in Lake Victoria, and the World Heritage listed Rwenzori Mountains – a truly unforgettable life experience.


We have gathered all the info about transportation in Uganda, bus networks, car rental, campervan etc. Accommodation And our accommodation section will come in handy when it will be time to choose the right hostel, hotel or safari lodge to stay in.