Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park is tucked away in the savannah of the remote Northeast region. Many say it has the most striking scenery in all of Uganda. It is host to more large mammal species than any other national park in Uganda; 28 are found nowhere else in Uganda, among these are: jackal, African hunting dog, bat eared fox, striped hyena, aardwolf, cheetah, and caracal, Grant¹s gazelle, greater kudu, lesser kudu, roan antelope, Beira oryx, Guenther¹s dik dik, mountain reedbuck, common duiker, klipspringer, oribi, Defassa waterbuck, Uganda kob, and bohor reedbuck.

This alone is impressive, but when combined with the over 460 bird species, it becomes one of the most faunistically impressive national park in all Uganda. The only drawback is the fact that it takes considerable time or money or both to reach. By far the best way to reach Kidepo is by chartering a flight. This will cost about $380 a person but you need a minimum of 5 people before you can charter the flight. Otherwise you are looking at a 280 km. road through treacherous land. There are a few places to stay, but they range widely in price from $10 to $200.

If you want off the beaten track then this is the place for you. Or it is possible to catch public transport up to Soroti then make your way up to Kaabong from there you may get the supply truck from the park which comes into Kaabong every Saturday morning to pick up supplies and returns to the park Saturday afternoon. This arrangement is only for travellers (tourists) to get into to park and not a local transport.

Although it is considered safe to travel to Moroto via Soroti, it is NOT recommended to travel Mbale directly to Moroto as there is problems with renegade groups. However having said that a much better way to get up to Kidepo National Park is to travel from Kampala to Kidepo is via Lira to Kotido by bus. This bus leaves Kampala daily and arrives in Kitido at around sunset. From Kitido although not regular you can get transport to Kaabong where every Saturday you may catch the supply truck which goes to Kaabong on a shopping trip every saturday.. This is a special arrangement for tourists only who wish to visit Kidepo National Park.

Kidepo national park is found in Northern Uganda. The park has many to offer to Tourists. Driving to this park is possible but since its long journey from Kampala or Entebbe, some clients find it important to break the Journey.  Renting a car in Uganda for your Kidepo trip needs more than 5 days of rental minimum.

The park has attractions to offer, these include, Buffaloes, elephants, lions, Antelopes, seasonal rivers, unique culture like for Karamajong, Ik people, the landscape and etc.

Going to kidepo need a 4×4 car due to the nature of trails in the park. We have good jeeps that are suitable for this park. Some clients also visit Pian Upe game reserve which is near the park. The reserve has unique attractions some of them are not found elsewhere.

Some of the accommodations around Kidepo include, Nga’moru wilderness camp, Apoka lodge, Kidepo savanna lodge, Adere safari lodge and others. From Kidepo you may visit Murchison falls national park, Mt Elgon, sipi falls

Kidepo Valley national park is near the border of Uganda and Kenya and also Uganda and South Sudan. Activities in the park include, nature walks, lonyii summit hike, guided night drives, game drives and bird watching

Most of the park is open tree savanna because of different rain fall in Narus valley and kidepo basin. Vegetation and animal population vary between the two valleys.

Cars on our fleet that can go to Kidepo include, 4×4 land cruiser Prado/TX/TZ, 4×4 Land cruiser V8, 4×4 Land cruiser GX, 4×4 Land cruiser LX, 4×4 safari land cruiser extended, 4×4 Rav4 and 4×4 Toyota van

It is also possible to go on a camping trip in Kidepo; there are camping grounds for such option. You will just pay the camping fee and then park your car or pitch your tent. Since Kidepo trails and seasonal rivers are not easy to tress, we advise our clients to at least hire a park guide to go with on game drive.