Equatorial, tempered by cooling breezes from the mountains. Temperature varies between 60-85 degrees F.

Uganda is blessed with the enviable gift of holiday weather year round. The climate is tropical about 26 degrees celsius during the day and 16c at night, for most parts of the country except for the mountain regions. The hottest months are from December to February when the day time range is 27 to 29 degrees celsius. This is when you are continually kissed by the African sun that a golden tan will be the indiscriminate mark of her affectations. The highland areas are considerably cooler at night. The rainy seasons differ given the land variations with two seasons which are known as the long and short rains. The short rains are from March to May and the long rains are from September to November. During the wet season the average rainfall is 175mm per month. However, in western Uganda or around Lake Victoria it can rain almost any time but the rain usually lasts but a short time and the sun comes out.

The dry season is from November to March. There are some dry areas in the country which recieve very small amounts of rainfall of 100mm or less. The best time of the year to visit would be from December to late February and from June to September which are especially ideal for gorilla tracking and hiking.Regardless of when you decide to visit whether on holiday, wildlife safari or simply a cultural visit, the time is ever right! Don’t let the word ‘rainy’ and ‘dry’ fool you into thinking it endlessly pours in torrents and the earth is all so soggy or that it is as dry and hot as the Sahara. Far from that! Instead in the rainy seasons you will be treated to the most delightful African thunderstorm often with the rain falling in the early morning hours and at night, lulling you to sleep. Soon after the down pour, the sun’s rays would have soon dried up the earth once again. In the dry season, you will encounter not only the haunting extremes of weather like scorched grass, stripped trees, baking hot and rock-hard ground but whirlwinds that twist and turn carrying all else on a journey to nowhere. You will not only marvel at Uganda’s climate but be enthralled by it.