Uganda is found in East Africa and is bordered by the countries of Kenya to the East, Rwanda to the West, Tanzania to the South and Sudan to the North. It has an area of 236,580 km2. Uganda’s landscape is beautifully varied and ranges from semi desert and dry acacia woodland in the far north east, farmland in the east, to the lush and fertile shores of Lake Victoria.

Her moist climate makes the countryside far greener and fertile than elsewhere in East Africa. Lake Victoria, the Victoria Nile which flow through much of the country together with other lakes, Rivers and wetlands create one of the best – watered areas in Africa, accounting for 25% of the country’s surface area and a mostly fertile arable land which is cultivated.

The Rwenzori with the highest point in Africa is found in the West, Elgon in the East bordering Kenya while undulating hills which characterize most of the country and the mountainous West form a rugged but beautiful landscape interspersed by grassland and plains. Being a tropical country, the tropical heat is tempered by the altitude which averages over 1000-1200m.


Uganda is bordered by five countries namely Kenya in the east, Tanzania in the south, the Democratic republic of Congo in the west, Rwanda in the south west and South Sudan in the north. Uganda has unique tourism fraternities which have put it on the world scene and located in East Africa. In most cases, some visitors as they plan to travel don’t mind about knowing where this beautiful country is located and who its neighbors are. All they do is to board a plane and wait only to reach Entebbe international Airport where most safaris start from without taking the initiative to know the country’s location and coordinates on the world map.

Natural Features

Being a landlocked country, Uganda has different lakes that fill the gap a visitor would have missed at the coast due to the presence of natural breathtaking beaches around the lakes where a visitor can go for relaxation. Uganda is the heart of the great lakes region surrounded by a number of lakes. When you are in a plane at a high altitude, you will see Uganda as a place covered with water and green vegetations. Lakes found in this wonderful country are; Lake Edward, Lake Victoria, Lake Albert and Lake Kyoga.

More so, geographically Uganda has unique attractions found in the country. With about 10 national parks, Uganda is a place where a range of activities can be enjoyed like bird watching, chimpanzee trekking, nature walks, cultural tours, gorilla tracking, hiking, nature walks, game drives and many more. Most of these parks are found in the west and this explains why most tourist-vehicles head to this region. The topology of the country characterized by undulating hills covered with ever-green vegetation is eye-catching and breathtaking. All these have transformed the country into the best tourism destination in Africa. Uganda is well known of having a rich geography comprised of beautiful scenic lakes, meandering rivers, glacial mountains, rolling hills and wide valleys. For any geographer, Uganda has challenged experienced geographers who thought they had traveled the world and had seen it all. The then president of the Britain’s Royal Geographical Society, Sir Roderick Murchison had thought of sub Saharan Africa as a geographically dull continent, little did he know that its rich geography could be compared to any other continent.

From the east where the sun rises from, People in Mbale town may not be able to see it early enough because of the shadow cast upon them by the mighty Elgon Mountain that borders Kenya and Uganda. The mountain features the world’s largest intact mountain caldera that has a diameter of 7sqkm. The mountain is good for the hikers and doesn’t pose a lot of challenge.

Caves and waterfalls that lie along some of its rivers that flow down slopes are some of the features that beautify this landscape. Plenty of wildlife like buffalos, elephants, water bucks and a number of primates inhabit the slopes of this mountain which led to the formation of Mountain Elgon national park to protect this wildlife. This mountain is the 8th highest in Africa but some sources say that before erosion and landslides occurred, it was the highest in Africa.

The majestic Rwenzori Mountains, where the sun sets from, is a magnificent feature to visit and view. The mountain has managed to retain its glacier despite its close proximity to the equator. It is the highest block mountain on the continent of Africa and is generally the 3rd highest of all mountains on the continent after Mountain Kilimanjaro and Mountain Kenya. The mountain is one of the most challenging hiking places in the world even harder to hike than the higher mountains. The mountain is also a habitat for some wildlife species and is gazetted as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

The rolling hills of Kigezi sub region with terraces are a big spectacle as one traverses the gorilla home land. This area’s scenery and cool conditions have made it to be regarded as the ‘Switzerland of Africa’. The hills inter twin and the valleys are deep and narrow, the terraces around the hills give them an extra touch. In the same region is the scenic lake Bunyonyi popular for its fascinating scenery and enormous bird life to which the lake is named. The lake is a sanctuary for many bird species that inhabit its scattered islands. The lake is a perfect get away for most visitors who seek to refresh and recuperate themselves after a tiresome safari or a strenuous gorilla trek. It is also a perfect spot for the honeymoon makers and those interested in birds. The lake featured a scene in ‘the Lord of the Rings’ movie.