Uganda’s numerous languages are the wondrous gift of cultural diversity. They are so rich and distinct that it’s a joy to listen to any being spoken. Being a country with multicultural background, Uganda has more than 50 different languages spoken in various areas.

Uganda’s over 50 tribes directly translate into as many languages which originate from the three categories of peoples namely Luo, Bantu and Nilotes. Some though like the Bantu share certain dialectal similarities and once in linguistic command of one Bantu language, understanding of another is granted.  Luo languages are spoken by the northern tribes and a splinter eastern tribe. These are Acholi, Langi and Jopadhola respectively. The Nilotic languages are spoken by the eastern and north eastern tribes and are Ateso and Akarimojong. Bantu tribes are spoken by the people in central and partly eastern Uganda and include among others Luganda, Lusoga, Lugwere, Lunyolo, Lusamia and by the western peoples it’s Lunyankore, Lukiga, and Lutoro.

English is the official Language together with Swahili while Luganda is the most widely used.

For a foreign visitor, communication using English will not be a problem with the natives since English is the medium of teaching in all Schools in Uganda. French and German is taught in some schools and a good fraction of people mostly in Kampala do understand the same.