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A collaborative travel guide for long-term budget travelers and backpackers.

Backpackers Uganda is a complete guide to the world of budget travel or backpacking. The information and guides on this website are shared by a global community of budget travelers, backpackers, and experience seekers. Our editorial team includes seasoned travelers, backpackers working together to create the world’s largest non-corporate travel guide for long-term budget travelers.

Some of our expert guides write their own guidebooks by sharing real knowledge about places we discover. You can buy some of the guides and ebooks at very affordable prices.

Our online travel guides are compiled entirely from the tips, advice, and photos submitted by thousands of independent travelers all over the world.

We help support individual dreams of perpetual travel by sharing our revenue with our members.

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We’re seeking long-term budget travelers who love lounging in hammocks, eating local foods, and getting off the beaten path.