Kampala is a fantastic city to go out in. There is something different going on until late every night, so you never get bored. And it is safe, much safer than other African cities and properly as safe as any big city in developed countries.

Kampala is set across many hills, it’s lush vegetation dotting the city and suburbs with a natural splendor which contrasts the harsh history of the 70’s and early 80’s. There is a definite feeling that people are genuine and really want to rebuild their country after years of turmoil and uncertainity. Most visitors are surprised by the feeling of security, peace and warm hospitality of the Ugandan people and feel at ease walking around markets and surburbs. A small city of about two million people, Kampala has several shopping centres like Garden City, Game and Shoprite which carry a wide variety of goods. Fast food joints like Nandos, Steers and Dominos Pizza are springing up plus a host of restaurants and clubs.

Changing money is easy as there are many forex bureau and ATM machines where you can use your foreign credit/debit card to draw money.

An era of new construction, rebuilding a city which lay ruined, new businesses are springing up daily bringing modern conveniences to the population and visitor alike. There is an array of restaurants catering for almost every cuisine, and the nightlife is varied to suit almost any taste from local bars to nightclubs, casinos and live theatres. During the day you may tour Namirembe Cathedral and Rubaga Cathedral, Makerere University which is fast rebuilding it’s reputation as being one of the best Universities in East Africa. At nearby Entebbe you may visit the Wildlife Education Centre or stroll through the beautiful Botanical gardens. Tours to Ngamba Island in Lake Victoria which is the home of several orphaned chimpanzee is a definite thrill and popular as a day trip from Kampala. There are also many things to do around the city centre, checking out interesting buildings, movies, restaurants, Hindi Temple, Bahai House of Worship, Makerere University, golf club, arts and crafts.

In addition to the nightclubs there is three casinos, Kampala Casino in Kimathi Avenue opposite Emirates Airlines, Simba Casino in Garden City, and Grand Casino in Crested Towers.

There are several health clubs/fitness in and around the city, one being in Garden City Shopping Centr