Source of the Nile

Apart from being the longest river, the Nile is also the mightiest river in the world. Before the building of the Owen Falls Dam, this was the site of Rippon Falls, where the Nile thundered out of Lake Victoria on it’s long journey to the Mediterranean sea. Though the falls where blown away to ensure a steady flow of water for the dam which supplies Uganda with most of her electricity, the series of rapids north of the rivers source, represent one of the world’s premier white water rafting and kayaking destinations.

White water rafting of the source of the Nile is only possible in Uganda for at the White Nile are four grade Five rapids. Bungee jumping here affords the highest plunge along the length of the Nile, apart from Egypt’s Aswan Dam from which bungee jumping is not allowed. The thrill of the 44m jump is provided by a platform cantilevered over the river.