Bungee Jumping

There is only one place where bungee jumping is carried out in Uganda that is say; Jinja Nile Resort to carry out this adventurous activity. The Nile height is approximately 44 meters from the water of the Nile. This is not any close to the highest bungee jump in the world. From this, you can choose to touch the water, get deep a bit or stop close. The people in charge will adjust to all your requests. The minimum required age for this activity is 13 years. Anyone above this age is fully eligible to leap off the bridge and get adrift on the Nile.

Bungee jumping is one of the activities that some people feel they must do in life. It is carried out in Jinja, Uganda. It takes place at Jinja Nile Resort and is being organized by Adrift, one of the prime companies organizing white water rafting. The resort is just around Itanda falls. These jumps have always been looked at in a leisure perspective. The fact is that it teaches you a lot about overcoming fear in life and how to deal with it accordingly especially when such scenarios arise. The longer you take to leap off that bridge, the more time you have to convince yourself off the activity. If you get your eyes closed and leap, everything will work out the way you expect and in the end you would have achieved a milestone. In case you have always had issues with fear, this activity is perfect for you. Categories include tandem jumps, water touches and full-moon jumps which can be organized at any time of the day, even in the night.

To make sure you are secure, two people tie your legs with latex cords and have a rope holding you firmly as you “fly” in the air. You are advised to look far off and not down, or better still close your eyes before the crucial jump. After you are then asked to jump off the 44m high platform. Once in the air, you can choose which direction to go as they “fly” you about with the rope taking you up and down. You don’t control your fall or flying as the guys with the ropes decide how many times to swing you about and whether you will touch the water.

About safety, the Nile High Bungee tower meets the exact standards set by the Code of Practice law in Australia / New Zealand Standard. Bungee jumps originated in New Zealand and was initiated around April 1979. The Code of Practice standard is monitored twice a year to make room for any new adjustments or additions.

Each of the equipment used for the activity is tested often and only used for a certain period of time. This ensures that all the equipment used is up to date and not degraded in any way. In case any gets worn out, it is replaced immediately so as to maintain the operational standards. Accepting the code of conduct is something the Adrift Uganda does voluntarily. All the policies and procedures in place are self governed and create a situation where all employees undertake safety measures to tourists engaging in the activity to solve any issues that may arise at any moment. With all these standards in place, Uganda is the safest place to bungee jump in the world.