Forest Walks

Forest walks are great to enjoy bird-watching and viewing other small animals. The main attractions of Mabira is a large attractive forest reserve where some of Uganda’s myriad birds as it’s home to more than 300 species and some baboons but of the bigger animals possibly present such as Leopard, little is seen. A well-established trail system offers access to pristine forest, bird and animal life.

At the relatively young 50 year old Mpanga forest reserve, birdlife is remarkable at 141 species and 181 of butterflies. Red-tailed monkeys are also found. A number of clearly marked paths cut out of the thick under-growth enable closer viewing. Bugondo central forest reserve is very attractive because of the numerous primates, chimps, the prolific birdlife and the huge mahogany trees that dominate the dense forest. Just right on the road to Murchison Falls, south of the park, it’s a great place to stop for a guided walk.

It’s ‘ Royal Mile’ is thought by many to offer the best bird-watching in Uganda for there are 350 species here including several types of Kingfisher, Hornbill, Eagle and Bat hawks. At Kaniyo Pabidi and Busingiro which is on the main Masindi-Paraa road, 29km north of Masindi and inside the southern part of Murchison Falls and 40km west of Masindi on the road that connects Masindi with the National Park respectively are the two areas set aside for chimpanzee habituation and viewing and are both part of the Bugondo Forest Ecotourism project which aims to protect the forest with in cooperation local communities.

At both places, guided walks with a guide and an armed ranger take place daily. Kibale national park, Kalinzu and Maramagambo forest reserves provide this unique opportunity too. Similarly, forest walks are mostly available or can be arranged in most parks, wildlife and forest reserves.