Zip Lining

Mabira forest in Uganda is a pioneer in canopy exploration, where thick branches serve as platforms for the adventurous travelers at more than 100 feet above the jungle floor. The Forest Canopy Super Sky way is a canopy “<strong>zip-line</strong>” system that sends you soaring between the tallest trees in the rain forest. It is located 44kms East of Kampala City, outside of Lugazi town at the Griffin falls camp. The sky way makes a great day for the tourist since it’s the first of its kind in Uganda. Mabira forest Super Sky way is the most thrilling zip line in Uganda and so far the best zip lining in East Africa which is ran by a team that’s well-versed in giving visitors one of the best experiences of zip lining. These Sky Captains do a very good job at making sure you have a safe and fun experience! You will have the opportunity to fly through the rainforest canopy and experience a bird’s eye view of the lively forest below. At Mabira forest, you can have the best experience be it in a group of friends or individually.

You are led to pass through ancient trees by experienced Sky guides across a network of 5 zip-lines that stretches 250 metres across River Musamya. Using strict International safety standards with imported climbing gears and art high ropes from America, participants are belayed up the first tree, brought through the whole system and repelled on a 78m diagonal zip. While in the canopy, one is able to enjoy a view of the forest layers, mammals, grey cheeked Mangabeys and red tailed monkeys, birds like palm nut vultures, African fish eagles, great blue turacos and the roaring Griffin falls, making your zip a memorable day!

The hike back from the skyway takes you past the beautiful Griffin Falls and back to the camp which offers accommodation, meals, mountain biking among others. The activity takes a maximum of 4 hours. This is a one day activity that you can add to your tour once you are in Uganda.