Self Drive

When driving in Uganda, you will encounter varying road conditions despite the fact that the rental car may be very good. One of the things you should pay attention to is that way you drive in Uganda can be very much different from the way they drive in your home country.

You will be pleased to see other vehicles parked so read the signs provided in relation to how long you are able to stay in the parking spot and happily leave the car in the parking zone knowing that you it is safe.
On some roads, you will notice a parking ticket placed on the windscreen of your rental car.

Opting for a self-drive in Uganda, it’s really an enchanting and echoing travel ideal broadly acclaimed with remunerations. There is no reason why should hesitate renting out a car and embark on deciding the rest of your travel activities.  Looking forward to take a self-drive and drive your way throughout and explore what the Pearl of Africa got to offer.

Right, there is a wider range of options of car rental fleets to choose the best fitting respectively to the rates, comfort and the design of the trip. These 4×4 vehicles are customized and with a request can have a 4×4 with rooftop tent, SUVS, Vans, Saloon cars and Buses for group travelers.

Our vehicles offered for rental and self-drive are well maintained in good conditions to ensure that our clients complete their circle off the embarrassment track. Looking forward for a car with GPS navigation and camping gears (Rooftop tent or ground camping) look no farther, rather throw your request for the grant of a special travel touch.

If you want to book a car for self-drive or a car with a driver, you should look no further, book with us. We are proudly the best car rental company in Uganda. Our 8 years in travel business has enabled us gain the best experience and also learn how to deal with clients from different countries. We always put our customer’s interests first and we treat them the same way we would like to be treated.

Available fleet Options for self-drive

There is a wider range of fleet available and reliable 4×4 safari customized vehicles including; Toyota Rav4, 4X4 Land Cruisers with popup roofs, (TX, V8 GX, LX and hardtop), Vans/Super customs, Nissan Patrol and Land Rover Defender.

Why self-drive Uganda?

There are quite a number of benefits that comes with renting a car and take a self-drive. Among the benefits include; cost friendly as some of the cost of guided trip are bypassed include driver company handling services, unlimited drive, can as well rent a car for self-drive with a camping gears which can save you more dollars in your pocket.

What to note for a self-drive Uganda?

One can rent car for the less days to weeks and month. Should be curious when on self-drive in Uganda especially with matters concerning roads, though most of roads connecting network is worked but most of the roads in Uganda are characterized with holes and should maintain a reasonable driving speed.

Trying not follow the terms and conditions on the renting contract/ agreement signed, as a kind of agreement bleaching can result into a penalty.

Self-drive in Uganda is unlimited mileage provide keep with the boundaries

When get stuck due to mechanical technicality have to contact first your operator before taking any action. The operator can organize for repair and when replacement is necessary can be done in 24 to 48 hours according to the location where you encountered the mechanical technicality.

How do I pay my Uganda parking fine?

A parking fine may happen whilst you are in possession of your hire car. There are two main types of parking fines, the first parking fine may be left on your windscreen, the second type may be where you are caught on camera parking somewhere you shouldn’t or illegal parking.

If you return to your car and find a parking ticket on it, you will need to read the information and pay the fine in the suggested way. This may be by going to a local police station or it may give you alternative methods of payment.

Check for specific terms and conditions with your rental car provider in relation to additional fees.
Unfortunately mistakes can happen in relation to parking, but in order to avoid a parking fine in your hired car while in Uganda, it is always advisable to understand the rules of the roads in Uganda. There you will be safe from parking fines.