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For first time or repeat visitors who are planning their next vacation holidays to Uganda, it is advisable that you first read more about the country to get familiar with it before you travel to enjoy its wide range of attractions. Uganda is features variety of attractions ranging from landscapes, wildlife to culture. It offers refuge to Africa‘s tallest mountain range, the Rwenzori mountains of the Moon, the might River Nile which features among the longest River and Africa’s largest fresh Lake. White water rafting along the Nile that offers the world class adrenaline adventures and also Uganda’s most sought after adventure and not to exclude mountain gorilla trekking in the misty valleys of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Besides, this stunning country also offers refuge to the big five game, mostly the African lions, Elephants, Cape Buffaloes, Rhinos and Leopards that all confined in Uganda’s varied safari destinations.

If you are planning your safari to Uganda for the first time, the list of safari and travel guidebooks below should be a must to read before traveling into the country for your safari holiday;

Uganda 7th (Bradt Travel Guide): November 12th 2013

Author: Philip Briggs, Andrew Roberts.

Compared to the rest of African safari destinations, Uganda is exceptionally the most fertile with variety of apes counting over 13 primates, over 1061 representing about 11% of the world bird species and 50% of African avian species, with views of the big game. Visitors may prefer hiking through the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon; do white water rafting along the mighty River Nile or strike imaginations with the rare tree climbing lions at Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Phillip Briggs in his current edition is one of the best books to read as it comes with wide range of detailed information on mountain gorilla choices and the best lodging facilities.

Uganda 1:550000 Travel Map (International Travel Maps: 3oth, April, 2014

This differentiates roads ranging from primary paved routes to other routes and tracks. Legend comprises of railroads, trails, international airports, national airports, aerodromes, post offices, hospitals or medical facilities, areas of interest, accommodation, archaeological sites, museums, campsites, gasoline, petrol stations, car ferries, forts, border crossing as well as inset overview map of Kampala and information about Uganda.

The birds of East Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi (Princeton Field Guides): 30th January 2003:

Author: Terry Stevenson, John Fanshawe

This is first of its kind safari book, understandable mainly focusing on bird watching areas and one of the perfect books to any area in the world. It covers all residents, migrants, vagrant birds of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. It described over 1388 bird species on its page layout and 287 new color plates with 3400 images. This guide book describes all the plumages and main races that visitors are most likely to meet while on safari. On its opposite side of the plates, there are maps and brief accounts illustrating identification, status, range, habit and voice of every species. The introductory part gives notes on how to use the species accounts, the conservation issues, nomenclature adopted, where to send records and maps of the protected and other hotspots for birding.

Uganda culture smart: The Essential Guide to Customs and Culture: 23rd December 2014

This guidebook gives an insight on Idi Amin as illustrated in the film “The Last King of Scotland.” But fortunately, gone are the days of Amin, that Ugandans are proud of the prevailing peace today. It was ranked as the best country to visit in 2012, featured as the best tourist destination in 2013 in the National Geographic Magazine. Further still, features among best spots for the big 5 game with the largest population of birds on record, refuges the rare mountain gorillas, the mighty River Nile that offers breathtaking adventures of lifetime; ideal climate with stunning sightseeing and Rwenzori Mountains and one can comprehensively concur with what Sir Churchill Winston described as “the Pearl of Africa,” the mighty Murchison falls and not to forget its naturalness including the people and culture with over 56 tribes. This book also gives highlight on Kampala as the most popular social capital in East Africa.

If you are interested in bicycle tours in Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi:

For those who wish to explore more about Uganda’s Great Rift Valley together with other protected areas like Queen Elizabeth National Park and Semuliki National Park. You can access from selected outlets in Uganda and online through By Andy Roberts

Guide to Murchison National Park by Shaun Mann. You can get a copy from

Lake Mburo National Park Guide Book, African Wildlife Foundation. This is good for those who wish to explore Lake Mburo National Park in depth. You can access a copy from Uganda Tourist Board Offices in Kampala or Uganda Wildlife Authority offices in Kampala.

Where to watch birds in Uganda

By: Jonathan Rossouw and Marco Sacchi

Available in Uganda Tourist Board office in Kampala

David Kibirige: The Hills of Kampala and their History

Edition: 1st (2006)

Publisher: Tour guide publishers, P.O. Box 448 Kampala, Uganda

ISBN 10: 9970637029

ISBN 13: 9789970637002

This gives highlight about Kampala as it is famous to be straddling within the 7 main hills. However this beautiful city has expanded and covers many other hills, this book highlights the names and their meanings.

Thierry Joffrey and Sebastian Moriset: Kasubi Tombs

This is good for those who love cultural safaris. Kasubi tombs are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Uganda and this book allows you to read details about the Kasubi tomb site.

Publisher: CRATerre-ENSAG

Edition: 1st (2006)

ISBN: 2906901423

Kampala A to Z: A complete guide

Publisher: Tour guide publication, P.O. Box 488 Kampala, Uganda

Edition: 4th (1963), re-print 2006

ISBN 10:9970637010

ISBN 13:9789970637010

For those visitors who may wish to know more about Kampala in depth, this is the best book for you. It covers the map of the areas which takes you through Kampala on 3 varied scales, hotels, attractions, churches, embassies, post offices, theaters and many more. Other safari books and travel guidebooks include the Eye Magazine-the Insider guide to Uganda, Uganda districts information handbook, Uganda at glace, Spectrum guide to Uganda and many more.

In conclusion, there are very many safari and travel guidebooks for first time and repeat visitors on safari to Uganda. There is a lot more to be explored on safari in Uganda right from wildlife, landscape to culture. With above listed books, we believe that you will be get enough guidance as you plan your safari tour to Uganda