Sipi Falls

In the Eastern Uganda, there are scattered series of beautiful cascading structures in scattered distances all over the mountain with each view more extraordinary than the other among them are the Sipi falls with amazing fall views in Uganda. They are located on the northern and western sides of the Mountain Elgon in Kapchorwa District. It consists of a series of three stunning falls; the first fall at the top is at 85 meters high, middle at 65 meters and the biggest falls at 100 meters high over a massive cliff into the plunge pool below it. Its character can go from a thunderous wall of water to graceful parallel strands of water exposing the Curtain Cave behind it. The other known neighboring districts in relation to the Sipi falls are Sironko and Mbale. As you move towards the Kenyan boarder, there lies the Mount Elgon National Park and it is at its edge that you will embrace the Sipi waterfalls. A series of three of these waterfalls make up the Sipi falls.

Sipi Falls was a series of three tall waterfalls all plunging along the lower slopes of Mountain Elgon. Sipi is divided into several falls with the; 50 metres high/ 7 metres wide simu and sisi falls in Soronko with the Ngasire and the Simba plunging several 87 meters and 69 metres respectively into beautiful streams extreme divers and swimming. There are other waterfalls on the mountain; sisiyi, bulago and wanale according to the Uganda wildlife authority. All the waterfalls are a few Kilometres from the Mbale highway and have several hotels in the vicinity for lodgings.

For many persons who take hikes up the prominent Mount Elgon, Sipi has in most cases been their starting point. Budadiri is the commonest of routes that has been a starting point for many hikers. Continuing with the sasa trail, until the peak, then downwards to the Sipi falls and then back into the Sipi falls. While at the Sipi falls, you are able to view gorgeous sites of the slopes of Mount Elgon, Lake Kyoga and the Plains of Karamoja.

Completing the circuit of the three fall series of the Sipi falls will require one to take part of the journey with a vehicle while you walk some distances of the hike. The hike will involve up and down movements on the slopes to reach from one water fall to the other. The roads and paths will be muddy especially if your hike is on a rainy day.