Uganda Gorilla

Day Trip to Uganda Gorillas

A One Day Uganda Gorilla safari is among the shortest and the cheapest among gorilla trekking tours. Here, you just need to buy a gorilla permit, pay for transport and the guide/ driver alternatively, you can hire a car – drive to the park – track gorillas and leave.

There are two options to do a Uganda gorilla safari: You can start from Kigali, Kabale town or Kisoro town.

1 day Uganda Gorilla safari from Kigali starts at around 4am – drive to Katuna or Kyanika boarder – cross to Uganda – proceed to Mgahinga National Park or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to trek Gorilla.

Be at the park headquarters by 7am for briefing together with other trekkers. Briefing is conducted by ranger guides from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). After briefing, you will move in groups to meet gorillas in their nature habitat.

Alternatively, you can go 1 day gorilla trekking from Kabale town or Kisoro town to be able to reach the park next day by 7:30am. You can contact us to customize your trip or do a self – drive to the park – trek gorillas and return.

Note: Since Uganda- Rwanda border is still closed, many travelers have resorted to 1 day Uganda gorilla safari from Kabale or Kisoro town to cut costs. However, we can compare 1 day gorilla safari from Kigali and that one from Kisoro or Kabale town.

  • 1 day gorilla safari from Kisoro or kabale town minimizes rushing because its near the park compared to 1 day gorilla trip from Kigali- Rwanda.
  • 1 day trip from Kigali makes the trip more expensive in terms of fuel and visa among others.
  • 1 day trip from Kigali requires early morning wake up at around 4 am compared to one from Kisoro or Kabale town which requires 5am wake up.

There is a possibility of delay for travelers from Kigali because of longer distance, border crossing clearances and when the car breaks down.

Uganda Gorilla trekking permit now cost US$700 compared to Rwanda Gorilla permit at US$1500. That is why travelers on low budget decides to dodge Rwanda gorillas and go for Uganda.

In conclusion, Uganda is peaceful, a heaven of amazing attractions and so a home of half of the world’s Mountain Gorillas and thus the best, cheap, peaceful destination for Gorilla trekking.






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