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Interesting Places to visit in Uganda

For a combination of Wildlife, Culture, local life and history, Uganda should be your first stop. This amazing destination with a maze of wonders hides itself in the Eastern part of Africa. It is in close proximity with Kenya in the East, South Sudan in the north, Rwanda in the South west, and Democratic Republic of Congo in West and Tanzania in the South.

Dubbed the Pearl of Africa by Sir Winston Churchill, Uganda has plenty of things to make your days. Whether you are after culture, wildlife, history or local life, this destination is no doubt. Listed below one of the top places you shouldn’t miss to see on a safari in Uganda.

National Parks; Are you craving for Wildlife? If so, National Parks are the best localities for you to have beautiful moments. Uganda is recorded with ten of these protected areas and are beautifully scattered in different regions of the Country. Below is the belief highlight about these parks.

Bwindi Impenetrable & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Both Parks are located in the South western park of Uganda along the border between the Country and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Widely visited per year, these two localities are renowned most as the major habitats for the species of Mountain Gorillas. Mgahinga is part of the Virunga Massif and differs itself from Bwindi with the feature of being a home to the Golden monkey primates.

Gorilla Trek is the main activity for both parks. Other things to do are Batwa trail experience, Golden monkey tracking and Bird watching.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Situated in the South western Uganda, Queen welcomes visitors with rich wildlife and a picture perfect wilderness. It was formerly called Kazinga Channel National park but later renamed to Queen to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth II.

Some of the activities to occupy your days in Queen are launch trip cruise along Kazinga Channel, game drives, nature walks, and Chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura.

Murchison Falls National Park

Heading further to the north western part of Uganda along the Albertine rift, you find Murchison Falls National Park, the largest protected area in Uganda.

It is popular worldwide not only for the great falls but also for its diverse Wildlife.  Don’t hesitate to visit its suburbs if your interest is Wildlife. The list of activities to make you excited include boat cruise, hike to the top of the falls, game drives and Chimp tracking in Budongo.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Recorded with unique Wildlife species, Kidepo is the most isolated park in Uganda. It is tucked far away in the North eastern part of the country.

It is inhabited by a wide range of Wildlife species including the ones that are rarely found in any other place in Uganda. Wildlife is the main point with this park, though there is a bit of cultural encounters. Some of the animals you can easily see are elephants, buffaloes, zebras, antelopes and more.

Kibale Forest National Park

For all those who are visiting Uganda majorly for primates, you should look no further than Kibale Forest National Park.

This ever green park is situated in the western part of Uganda near Fort portal town. It is recorded with over thirteen primate species including the lively Chimpanzees. Adding to Chimpanzee tracking excursions, the park treats travelers with bird watching sessions, Bigodi walk and forest walks.

Lake Mburo National Park. Positioned near Mbarara town, Lake Mburo is the closest Park to access from Kampala. Like Kidepo and Queen, this park is liked by most travelers because of its rich Wildlife.

Other parks not mentioned are Semliki National Park, Mountain Elgon National Park and Mountain Rwenzori National Park.

Cultural & Religious Sites

Uganda’s cultural and religious sites are amongst the top things to include in your Uganda safari. Most of these sites are located within Kampala; Kasubi tombs, Uganda Museum, Buganda Kingdom royal palace, Gadhafi mosque, Rubaga and Namirembe Cathedral, Bahai temple and Uganda Martyrs Shrines Namugongo.

Sanctuaries & Game Reserves

Sanctuaries and Game reserves are the other best places to reach out for Wildlife. Uganda has more of these protected areas like Budongo Forest reserve (for bird watching), Kalinzu Forest reserve (for Chimpanzee feeding), Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary (for Rhino tracking) and Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary (for Chimpanzee feeding).

Craft shops

For souvenir shopping, don’t miss Uganda’s vibrant craft markets. African craft shops are distributed in the whole of Kampala city. They are lined with thousands of stalls displaying goods sold at affordable prices. Craft shops sale handmade crafts from the local communities. These markets were created to support local community craft organized groups for women.






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