Top 3 Most Requested Land Cruisers for Hire in Uganda

Uganda’s scenic roads winding through hills (like in the south-western part of the country), forests, and stretching along sweeping savannah plains are specially made for a road adventure. This country, dubbed the Pearl of Africa is particularly popular in the dry months when most safari destination come to life and wildlife/nature enthusiasts flock the National Parks. Nonetheless, if you are planning to explore these destinations or simply undertake a road trip while visiting Uganda in the wet months (March, April, May, October, and November), it usually comes with additional challenges such as muddy and impassable roads in some places. Therefore, the vehicle you choose to rent will make a big difference.

One of the things that will affect your choice of safari vehicle is where in this beautiful country you will actually be driving. Uganda is surprisingly a diverse country with a number of climates (Tropical in most places and semi-arid in others (like in Karamoja sub-region). For the areas that experience Tropical climate, particularly in the rural areas, the conditions of roads gets bad during the wet season hence a good car like a hand cruiser will help you more easily navigate your destination. Therefore, here are the top 3 most requested land cruisers, which you can also book for your Uganda Safari;

Safari Land Cruiser

This is the master and number one choice of land cruisers for hire in Uganda. Known for its high ground clearance, this vehicle is built purposely for the rough terrains and overland road trips to off-the-beaten tracks/remote areas of the country. Whether you are planning to undertake a wildlife safari or a camping adventure in the Pearl of Africa, the safari land cruiser is your perfect choice.

These full-time four-wheel drive vehicles can comfortably seat up to 7 passengers, and if you opt for the extended version then you will most likely add two extra passengers. Safari land cruisers also feature s pop-up roof (with an option for a rooftop tent) thus perfect for game viewing, research, filming, photography, and Camping tours. It also has a fridge box for cooling drinks during the road trip.

Land Cruiser Prado

For a small amount and if you have a smaller number of people undertaking the road trip, then the Land Cruiser Prado or “Toyota Prado” is another frequently requested Land Cruiser for hire in Uganda. This is also a four-wheel drive vehicle with high ground clearance which makes it possible to maneuver through some of the rough remote roads and go off-the-beaten tracks easily.

Equipped with adjustable well-spaced seats, the Lane Cruiser Prado is capable of accommodating up to 5 passengers seating comfortably in addition to having enough cargo space in the rear and roof for keeping luggage. This vehicle comes in different series- GX, GXL, TX, TZ-G, VX, and V8, with outstanding exterior and comfortable interior. This four-wheel drive vehicle also has an AC, and is ideal for business trips, wildlife safaris, and City excursions.

Land Cruiser J40

Also known as the “Hardtop”, the Land Cruiser J40 is another most requested land Cruiser for hire in Uganda comprising of a traditional body-on-frame style, with a hardtop frame thus its name. With a seating capacity of 5 people and high ground clearance, four-wheel drive mechanism as well as large tyres, this land cruiser is ideal for off-the-beaten-track destinations of Uganda. Whether you are planning to go for a wildlife safari, business trip in the remote areas of the country, or research projects in the National Parks, this land cruiser is perfect for the job.

Therefore, if you are planning to go for a wildlife safari in any of the 10 National Parks of Uganda, filming, photography, or research in the remote regions of Uganda, any of the mentioned land cruisers is available for hire.






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