Benefits of Renting a Car in Uganda

Uganda too is a popular safari destination filled with a variety of adventurous activities and cultural attractions. If you have a rental car in Uganda, you will definitely enjoy your holidays or safari at your own pace and itinerary.

Using car rental is one of the most convenient ways to explore the country as you have to remember about the comfort which is really an important factor if you are to enjoy the road trip in Uganda.  As the demand for car hire is increasing, so is the number of car rental companies with each offering a variety of cars and special offers for customers.

Below are the benefits of renting a car

Unlimited mileage

Enjoy un limited mileage of driving at a low cost. With Uganda car rental, payments are only paid once despite the distance you want to travel. The cost of renting a car remains the same as longer as it is a 24-hour session. 

Variety of rental cars

Most companies offer a wide range of rental cars in Uganda to choose from whether you want a small car or a luxury car, just mention your choice and it will be a stone throw away delivered to you. You can book online or visit the office and check it out personally.

Flexibility of cars

When you rent a car, you can be able to choose whether you want to drive a manual or automatic transmission car, companies will offer you both models hence not limiting you. Most clients prefer hiring automatic cars since they are easy to control and good at economizing fuel. The best car example if the car type is the Rav4 which is most popular car for self-drive in Uganda.

Car offers

You can get special offers if you are a good customer and the company offers a reduced price in case you are renting an older model of the vehicle. This means if you are not good at cash, you can always be guaranteed that you will still get the car with or without a driver.


Rent a car and you will have the choice of self-drive safari or hiring a chauffeur to drive you around the preferred destinations you want to explore. Most clients prefer driving themselves to these attractions since its more private and cheaper option but the most convenient and safest way to travel is with an experienced and licensed chauffeur.

Road assistance

When you hire a car from a company, be assured of road assistance in-case of breakdown or an accident. In-case of any problem, you can just call the rental company and a mechanic will be sent to the destination to fix the problem or offer you a replacement car in case it is a big problem making sure you continue with the road trip.

Extra gadgets

Most companies offer extra travel gadgets and documents to make sure you don’t have to get lost or caught up by the traffic police. If you are travelling to a destination for the first time, you can rent a GPS to guide you through the routes plus you can rent a camping gear at affordable rates to avoid the extra flight cargo expenses.


Uganda car rental services are reliable. With our lives full of daily commitments and engagements, you need a transport means that is readily available at any time you wish to travel and this is what car rental services do best. All you have to do as a client is to contact and book prior to your time of travelling; they will deliver the services at that exact date and period.


You get privacy and independence when you rent a car. The vehicle is exclusively reserved for you and maybe your family or colleagues you wish to travel with. No intruder will crash in your travelling experience like in the public means where you have to put up with foreign or strange faces.


Usually, if it is your first time to do something, you feel worried and the same thing happens with car rental-first, you start developing worries of the process, what is needed and documents. However, we have come up with a guide on how you will book your car of choice for your vacation in Uganda.

Choose your pick up location and dates in the booking form

If you want to rent a car in Uganda online, you need to specify which town and branch you want to pick up and drop off your vehicle. Enter the exact date and time you want to get the car. While you can rent a car in Uganda, you also need to cross check with prices. However, our prices are competitive for all airport rental locations. Check your preferences as well as discounts, promotion offers and other that you may become a beneficiary. On your search, you will definitely get the list of available car hire from various car rental companies in Uganda and you won’t rent all, but your preference only.

Select the right car rental depending on your trip

A fact that there are various car rentals for you to make your choice, you won’t be left out of choice. Whether you are traveling as a couple for a city tour we have a wide range of compact saloon cars that will suit to your travel plans. Interestingly, our statistics can be shown for each vehicle and this includes its capacity and transmission.  

Choose the pre-paid rate or pay when you are picking it up

In case you are paying directly via online, then you stand to be part of the many benefits that we have in offer most of which include greater mileage and insurance packages. Our prices are within visitors’ pocket range and you will choose the ideal means of payment that is comfortable with you and recommended by the company. 

Select any optional add-ons or additional services you need

Based on your tour is all about and group requirements, you will need some extras for your vehicle such as additional driver, baby seats and the extra services which may be of help include insurance cover and mileage packages. 

Fill the contact details

Your contact details must be filled to help us ascertain who the driver is. Other personal details must also be filled for instance your name, home address. If you want to pay online, you will need to fill out your payment details. All the information for car hire will be reflected to help cross check if all is correct. 

Complete the booking process

Once you have finished with your process, make sure that you get a copy of the invoice through email. After this, you will then just wait for the actual day to pick up your car. In case of cancellation or adjacent, you will have to visit our online portal and login or enter your reservation number plus security code. 

Pick up your car hire with your identification documents

Once you have accomplished with the whole process, the next step is now for you to go and pick up your car at our station and staff are very welcoming.

In conclusion, with the above steps, we believe that you will get the best car rental deal in Uganda and your vacation will be memorable. To help you realize your dream in this beautiful nation, simply contact us or email us and we shall help you find that dream car for your holiday.

Planning to rent a car in Uganda and still wondering why you should ditch the public means, the above benefits should give you a clue of what to expect when you travel privately whether on self-drive or with a hired driver.






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