Car Sharing in Uganda

Car Sharing in Uganda: Is It Possible?

If you can’t do the buying or hiring in Uganda – probably because you have no time and/or money, or you just don’t want the hassle and risk then sharing a car will come in handy.

A lot of people with cars are always looking around for passengers to help with the cost of fuel and the driving (given the long distances involved). Again, check the notice boards; at the embassy, at the hostels and anywhere else frequented by budget travellers. See some of Kampala’s favourite night spots – these could be good meet-up places to find such information.

Use Car Tugabane

CarTugabane is a long-distance ride-sharing/ car-sharing platform in Uganda that connects car owners to passengers traveling to similar destinations. Car-owners post about their upcoming trips including prices, while passengers book seats to ride share

… And if you still can’t find, don’t hesitate to put up your own notice in these places; make it simple and clear on what you are looking for and be flexible with your dates.

This also helps if you bought a car and you are looking for company or passengers to share the cost but also when you finally need to sell the car before you leave.

You could plan your Ugandan vacation and come to Uganda on your own but surely there is no need for you to do the travelling around Uganda on your own – link-up and share the fun!






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