Chauffeur Drive Car Hire in Uganda

Uganda is located in East Africa neighboring countries like Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, South Sudan and Tanzania. It is among the best countries when it comes to Tourism. It is known to be home to big primates, wildlife, birds and many. Many visitors find it memorable do many activities in this country. Visitors rent cars with driver and visit different destinations in Uganda. Hiring a car with driver makes visitors to enjoy the trips without getting tired of driving to different places.

Advantages of hiring a car with a driver

– Hiring a car with a driver makes visitors to have enough time to take good photos on the trip.

– when it comes to camping trips, driver guides help a lot in mounting or pitching the tents and also giving some knowledge about how to camp safely.

– Driver guides give useful information on the trip, they will be giving general knowledge, explaining different attractions and also giving local insight about the area.

– Hiring a car with driver makes visitors to have enough relaxation on the trip. No sitting behind the steering all the time.

– The driver guide will give proper direction to the destinations, no need of having a GPS, driver guides are knowledgeable about different attractions

– Hiring a car with driver is cheaper than booking all-inclusive safari, it gives options of renting a car with rooftop tent or with ground tent.

-Drivers give advice about the itineraries prepared by visitors. They will advise accordingly. When it comes to adding more activities, driver guides are of great importance.

– Driver guides will provide transfers to the airport or hotel.

– Driver guides can be hired on short term or long-term rentals.

– When it comes to mechanical breakdown, driver guides are important. A driver will make sure the car is repaired or necessary solution is done

– Driver guides brief visitors on when and how long some activities are done. For instance, about gorilla tracking, he gives knowledge on when briefing starts and estimated time of when the activity will end.

– Driver guides help in finding park headquarters and also help in registering visitors. Giving visitors knowledge of where to start from

– Driver guides determine break offs of the journey, like where to have lunch, and along the way, they know where different attractions along the routes are found.

– When traffic offers stop you on the road, the driver guides know what to show them and they talk to them in case of necessary communication.

-When it comes to conferences, meetings and others, drivers are also of importance, they know most of hotels in the city are located. So, a driver can be hired for delegates to conferences and meetings.

-For families, visitors can decide to hire a driver and they sit with their family members behind and have enough time together without being interrupted with driving

– Drivers can help to organize some activities which may not appear on the Itinerary for instance, Community visits, like Batwa.

How to book a car rental trip with driver and Type of cars

After, deciding on renting a car with driver on your next trip to Uganda, the next step will be looking for a reliable company to make the dream come True.

When sending an inquiry, include renting a car with a driver. Tour consultants will respond accordingly.

There are many 4×4 cars for rental. It is necessary to be specific on the kind of car. Or the consultant can give you options of the cars and descriptions to choose.

There are small 4×4 SUV which are capable of traveling upcountry like 4×4 Rav4 3 doors and 4×4 Rav4 5 Doors.

4×4 land cruisers are also available like land cruiser Prado’s, V8, GX, LX 7 series, safari land cruiser extended and many others.

Safari vans also are good to rent with driver. These may include 4x4Toyota omni buses, 4×4 Toyota super custom and many.

In case the number of visitors is big, no need to worry, more than one car can be hired and more drivers. Another option is renting car with driver with Toyota coasters which can accommodate groups.







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