Bwindi Gorilla Trek

Go Gorilla Trekking On Budget

Tracking mountain gorillas in Africa may appear to be costly but there are possible ways to save some dollars on your gorilla trekking tour once you plan right and stick to your travel budget. Here are some of the super amazing tips of how to go gorilla trekking without blowing your Budget.
Make a right choice of a gorilla trekking destination

Of course not all gorilla trekking destinations are cheap and affordable especially when it comes to gorilla trekking permit prices. Look out for special gorilla permit discounts and cheap gorilla permit offers and chose a trekking destination just in line with your budget. Would highly recommend safaris in Uganda for anyone looking for Budget gorilla trekking tours in Africa though mountain gorillas are also live in Rwanda and Congo.

Go Backpacking

If you only want to see mountain gorillas and explore the wonderful beauty of Africa, then backpacking safaris tours are the best since you experience variety and spend less. At less than $1000 one can track mountain gorillas, relax in the most leisurely islands of Lake Bunyonyi and Mutanda, trek golden monkeys and also experience the life of locals through a community tour exposure. This is all very possible once you chose Uganda as your perfect gorilla trekking destination.

Group Gorilla Tours

If you’re initial plan was to book a private gorilla trekking tour, then change it and join a group adventure travelers who have the same travel interest, plan and dates. Usually tour agencies’ advertise upcoming gorilla safari tours for groups of 6-8 at low cost so one of them can make your dream come true at a fare rate. Common group gorilla trekking tours go for 3- 5 days depending on the interest of targeted travelers. With accommodation, you can always suggest your preferred sleeping arrangement to the organizer to get the best comfort all through.

Use Specialized Budget safari operators

Wouldn’t advise you book your budget gorilla trekking tour with a luxury specialist because prices will definitely be high. Therefore Budget safari tour organizers are the best because they have experience in turning travel dreams into memories at cost friendly costs. Don’t use a travel agency because your friend used but first analyze your friend’s travel budget before going for the same.

Camping & Budget safari Accommodation

Did you know that accommodation rates can make a trip cheap or expensive? Make it a point to stay in comfortable camping and budget safari accommodations all through to keep your budget low as you experience the best. Some of the good budget gorilla safari lodges include Buhoma community rest camp, Bunyonyi gorilla resort,Rushaga gorilla camp, Wagtail eco lodge ,Gift of nature lodge , Kinigi guest house among others.Dont miss  to see mountain gorillas in the mist  wildness and have a story to tell.






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