Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Go on Safari in Uganda with a Rented Car

Uganda is well endowed with plenty of natural attractions which will leave you wishing to visit the country again. To visit these wonderful attractions, you need to visit using a rented car. When you do this, you will explore these attractions and provide you will all well serviced vehicles which will then enable you to visit all the parts of the country when on a self drive or a guided tour. The country is an intriguing one that will seduce you to visit again. It has very rugged beauty and wildlife adventures beyond your wildest imaginations. The best way for you to experience t And what better way to experience and explore the country by going on an independent self drive excursion.

There several cars which can be rented and make you enjoy your expeditious stay in Uganda. These include mostly the 4WD. When using this car, it will make your adventure in Uganda very famous as you will drive from Murchison Falls National to the snow capped Rwenzori Mountains.  During this drive, you will be so amazed You will be amazed to see the diversity and beauty found here.  In Uganda, most especially in Uganda’s capital Kampala, 4×4 car rentals in Kampala are quite popular as this city is often the point of entry and exit for international travelers. For you to have a successful drive, there are many reasons to choose  a 4×4 car in Uganda. The country does not feature so many tarmacked roads that are ideal for on road traveling. Many of Uganda’s hidden treasures are located in quite remote areas thus they can only be accessed by dusty roads therefore, to enjoy Uganda, you must have terrain vehicles. They are the best vehicles to take you and comfortably to   see these locations.

There rental Companies providing car rental Services in Uganda. These offer a number of vehicles mostly 4WD. Most of these companies are found in Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. It is important to choose a reliable company to ensure that you enjoy your travel   experiences to the best. Renowned companies offer reliable, easy to use vehicles from reputed manufacturers such as Toyota and Land Rover. These vehicles come fully equipped to allow users to have a complete safari experience. Rental companies give complete introduction to vehicles and equipment along with basic driver training where necessary. They provide vehicle insurance, and emergency roadside/medical assistance for safe travels.

When you are looking for a vehicle, book 4×4 vehicle models that feature good suspensions and are easy to drive. The Vehicles with wide tires offer greater stability, which can be beneficial if you’re planning to travel through rugged landscapes while vehicles that feature a good ride height offer excellent opportunities for game viewing and photography. Always choose a vehicle offering excellent fuel mileage if you plan to travel extensively.  During the self drive safari, travelles have got the freedom of opting for a guided excursion or self drive safari. A self drive adventure is an exciting, intimate and economical way to experience all of Uganda’s attractions. Moreover, most national parks and wild reserves in Uganda allow self drive excursions and have good camping facilities. You have the independence and flexibility to choose your destinations and travel at your own pace which is a perfect way to enjoy your Ugandan holiday. A way from providing airport transfers, our company offers full range of tour planning and booking services for the convenience of their customers.







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