How to Avoid Uganda Car Rental Scams

Have ever been in a car rental scam? If not , this a page that will guide you about Uganda car rental scams .After arriving at your holiday destination, you’re usually tired from the flight, bogged down with luggage and just wanting to get to your hotel.

If you’ve hired a car, you want to get in it and go as soon as you can. Many of the car hire firms know this, and many will take advantage of the fact.

The ‘discovered damage’ ploy is one of the oldest tricks in the car hire book, and this costs tourists millions money each year.


When you arrive at the car rental office, glance over the car, sign the papers, take the keys, and drive to your hotel.

Throughout your holiday you drive carefully, taking good care of the vehicle. You will return it to the office on the day of your departure, only to have the tiniest of dents or the smallest of scratches pointed out to you.

You dispute it but it’s too late, you find your credit card – which you needed to provide details of to get the car in the first place has been hit with a huge bill for repairs.

To the saddest, this scene will be a reality to many visitors each year. More and more car hire firms are catching on to the fact that there’s even more money to be made out of tourists than just the cost of the rental. But this doesn’t mean that renting a car should be avoided as long as you know what to do and how to protect yourself, you can avoid becoming just another statistic.

After arriving at the rental lot, don’t appear to be in a rush so that you cant be cheated by these Uganda car Rental scams.

Ask for the car to be driven into a well lit area, or even outside if it’s during the day. You need to examine the car as thoroughly as possible, both inside and out. Take your time with this, if you notice any damage whatsoever, however small, report it to the rental staff and make a note of it yourself.

If you have a digital camera, take photographs, with the date/time stamp on if possible. Check underneath the car for signs of an oil leak or any other damage.

Inspect the windscreen for chips, and examine the doors and bumpers for dents or scratches. Open the car and check the upholstery and all the fixings to make sure they’re clean and without scratches or tears. Open the boot and ensure the spare wheel is present, with air in the tyre.






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