How to Choose a Good Airport Transfer Service

If you are the first time traveler and you are interested in someone to direct you through your safari, the best option is for you to book the services of a private Entebbe Airport Taxi company or Car Hire in Uganda to make sure that you have a safe and most comfortable safari to and fro the hotel. Navigating in and around Kampala city center is a bit challenging especially when you land into a long traffic line and passenger crowded will make things worse for life especially for the first time travelers. You may also opt for public transportation means as relatively cheaper means however; it can also be the unsafe and uncomfortable means and limits you from accessing the most interesting tourist sites as well as wildlife species. Hiring a car for airport transfer in advance before arrival will certainly offer you unforgettable experiences in life. If you are searching for transportation to and fro the airport, we have provided some of the tips that you should follow to help you make best choice;

Book with a reliable and trustworthy car hire company

There are many car rental companies in Uganda and choosing one can be very challenging. After you have finalized to determine that you will need to be transferred from the airport, the next step is for you to check online and browse via the search engines and review websites to ascertain which car hire company to deal with. Take time and check the company’s website to find out the costs, go through the previous reviews of what the previous travelers have said about the same company that you intend to deal with. The good sources of information about most airport companies in Uganda include Yahoo, trip advisor, safari guides, Google and many more.

Book the airport transfer service earlier

After you have made up your mind on which company to deal with, which provides the required service the next thing is for you to book for it in advance so as to avoid disappointments. While making your itinerary, make sure that you include the transfer from Entebbe international airport to a hotel of your choice. You can check online and look out for a reliable and trustworthy agency to deal with and once reservation is complete, you can make a deposit or make full payments up on arrival.

Show flight details

While sending an inquiry, never leave out your full details especially the passenger name, airways names and arrival and departure dates. These are very key as they help the booking team to pick you up and drop you off at right time and this will get that ideal treatment that you require in life.

The kind of car hire and the cost

The kind of car hire is based on the number of visitors who are intending to travel to and from Entebbe International Airport. A coaster bus is ideal for small groups ranging up to 30 visitors and a Toyota Rav4 is best for 2 to 3 visitors. A family trip or group tour of five to six visitors, the ideal car to rent is the super custom.  Nearly all companies provide their different quotes depending on one way transfer; pick up or drop off covering driver and fuel.

In conclusion, if you are a first time traveler in Uganda and you are interested in airport transfer, never be stranded at the airport simply contact us and we shall be there to help you connect to your respective hotel for a night stay.






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