Driving in Kabale

Tips to Help You Drive Safe in Uganda

It will be good to will be so good to have a successful self drive safari the known pearl of Africa. This will be only so when you do abide with some principles which will guarantee you to attain this. The most critical and important things to note for you to have a very successful self drive in Uganda include;  Taking note about Mobile Phone Usage while you are driving  the car, in all you do with the car you have to keep let, turning on and off the radio, carrying music on a memory stick or flash disk,  making use of the GPS which is in the car, learning about Uganda traffic Laws, making sure that before  you book the car, it is  in very good  condition and will not break while you are on  the way and also checking that the car you are driving has got a comprehensive insurance. You are advised to take enough water in the car you have rented. Do not forget to carry medicine

Mobile phone usage during yourself drive in Uganda

Since you will be new in the country, you will have to take the laws which pertain mobile phones while driving very important. The most important point to note while you are in Uganda about mobile phone Usage while driving is that you are not allowed to drive when you are driving. This means that the phone will must be away from the driving point to avoid inconveniences.  In most cases, when the phone is near your driving point, you may be attempted to pick a call and this may make get an accident while you are driving. If you wish to communicate when you are driving then you may opt to use a blue tooth. This will make you to communicate without any inconveniences while you are driving.

Listening to music when you are driving.

It is very good to turn on the radio when you are driving because music will make you chase boredom when you are in the car. Alternatively, you can carry the music on the memory card or a flash disk or any secondary storage facility. Some of the cars have gotten MP3 players. All these will keep the driver not to get bored when you are driving on the way.

What to do about the windows.

When you are driving, you should open the windows. This will enable to get fresh air when you are driving along the road, free of charge without buying as it may be when you are in the hospital when your body has run out of Oxygen.

Why it is good to travel in a group when you all know driving.

It is good for all of you when you are travelling to travel when you know when you know how to drive. The advantage of this is that you on person will jump on the steering wheel when the other is resting. This will make you to accomplish your trip without becoming very tired.

Why it is recommended to drive without the influence of drugs

In Uganda, it is not advisable to drive under the influence of Alcohol or any drug. The most common types of drugs used in Uganda include; marijuana, cocaine and Uganda waragi among others. The side effect of these drugs is that they do impair your brain. This may cause one losing his or her normal judgment. To drive car in Uganda needs when you are very conscious, and most people have driven cars without being conscious, then it means that you may easily die. Many people have died because careless driving and under the influence of drugs.

Why it is good to carry a long with you a GPS or Tourism map in the car.

When you have all these that is the GPS and the tourism map in the car, then these will help you  be directed on the directions where you are travelling to. Your smart phone should be having good Apps like Google maps. This will very fast help you get the bearing and the locations and the route of the destinations you are going to.

When you are in a national park

For those who are to have game drive in the national parks of Murchison fall, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo and Kidepo national park, off tracking is highly prohibited and if you are caught doing so it will be a penalty of paying USD300. The speed limit is 40km/hr, this was put in place to reduce on accidents and death of the animals in the park. when you meet the lions for example in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park, you are not allowed to get out of the car. Feeding of animals is highly prohibited as well as throwing/dumping materials.

What should you do before taking a rental car?

Prior to taking a car   for a self drive, you need to first get familiar with it. Of course you will need to know the apparatus of the car which include the brakes, horns, fuel opener, music and the radio player and the hazard lights.

What is required about your belongings before you commence the journey?

Since you will be a visitor in the country, you will be required to keep all your belongings in a very safe place in the car. When you getting out of the car, either to buy anything or it be it any form of refreshment, then ensure that your car is properly locked to avoid thieves entering into the car.

Lastly you should carry enough water inside your car. This water of course will be used for car usage and for your personal consumption like drinking. You will have to drink a lot of water as the country lies in the tropics. Her temperatures usually rise up to 380c. You should also   carry along with you medicine because you can fall sick when you are travelling. A you willing to take a self drive adventure in Uganda, just contact us for you self drive car.






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