Renting a Rooftop Tent Car in Uganda

A decision to rent a rooftop tent car is a scored slot of a dual win catering for both transport and accommodation at ago. Have a new dimension of facing nature with an extreme outdoor night experience of taking lessen above the grounds. Don’t be as usual, it’s an adventure, make it as special as you experience nature with the Bigboys the ‘rooftop tent car’.

Renting a rooftop tent car in Uganda is great summery of how one encounters nature, a 4×4 rooftop tent customized vehicle are masters of African untamed terrain, and unconditioned roads.

Rooftop tent cars are mainly used by tourists but adventurous travelers who always are seeking a unique experiences. Rambling around in such an away relaxed as the rooftop tent camping is the easiest to set surprisingly, with their durable setting makes them faultless for the wild.

Car models with a rooftop tent?

There are wider range of vehicles customized to offer the tremendous rooftop tent camping experience. It’s should be remembered that in Africa we mainly drive older car models. However, the vehicles rates depends on which model you desired for your adventure. Particularly Uganda, mentioned are the major used vehicles for rooftop tent safari, the 4×4 Land Cruiser TX, TZ, V8, VX and GX, and the land cruiser 70 series and the Land Rover defender and Nissan Patrol.

The capacity of rooftop tent

For the accommodation, rooftop tents have a limited number with the maximum of 4 people. But common are the two capacity rooftop tents used and available with many car rental operators in the country as far as rooftop tent is concerned. But there are some vehicles that can accommodate two double rooftop tents which can be arranged on a single vehicle.

How hard is to set a rooftop tent?

Surprisingly, though on the display looks so befuddling, rooftop ten is easier to set than the ground camping. Upon getting to your anticipated terminus, no big deal for much toil of battle with poles, and harmers. But only have to park your car at a level platform and then unfold out when it’s a soft shell, pull off the travel cover and pull the ladders to the ground. And for the hard shell rooftop tent, have simply unlatch the latches for the tent to pope up into place.

Why renting a rooftop tent car?

There various reasons that prompt a number of travelers to resort on a newer venture of experiencing nature. And every traveler comes with one or more reasons why should take on a self-guided trip with a rooftop tent car as some are discussed below.

Cost Friendly 

Sometimes travelers are resorting to something which would demand for less costs. And if one screen into renting out a rooftop tent car and score 2 slots with the same coin is more advantageous as far as cost considerations are concerned. Taking a car with a rooftop tent attracts limited costs, this dual score slot covers both transportation and lodging at once. Renting out a car the additional rates that don’t go beyond US20 is an evidence of how friendly the rates of a rooftop tent car.


In many ways travelers are looking out for something special, then end up resorting to seek for an outdoor experience into the roaring wild of Africa. Take a night beside lion roars, sweat night bird melodies, or a moment of a cooled night as well wakeup under the arrays of the sun setting. Face nature all times with a rooftop tent car which are designed for unique wild memory.

Easy to set up

Another reason for the famed rooftop tent is that they are very easy to set. This make them more flexible as the vehicle can be parked a side and in minutes the tent is set for the night. No connecting of battles of poles but only have to stretch the tent on the vehicle’s top and have your night arranged.

More comfort

Taking an outdoor night on the top of your vehicle is more exciting but as well more comfortable than using the ground tents. The inbuilt mattress for the rooftop tent are more comfy than the sleeping bags for the ground tent camping, the rooftop tent have a ground board that secure a comfort of knobby stones or sagging grounds.






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