Safe Parking Tips

Safe Parking Tips While Self Driving Uganda

While on self drive safari in Uganda, parking appropriately is very important for you. Intending travelers are advised to always use off street parking places or bays marked out with white lines that indicate that they are parking areas. You can also park at the road side if you are in position to but ensure that the road is wide enough and there are no parking restrictions.

Below is a list of safety tips to guide you while parking a car in Uganda;

  • Never park very close to another car
  • Park at the extreme side of the road just in case you are parking at the road side
  • Take care of yourself and don’t hit or knock any one while you are opening the car door. Usually, there are several pedestrians along the road and it is now you to take care of other people around you.
  • Make sure that you have turned off the car engine, headlights and fog lights before you leave the car
  • Make sure you apply the hand brake before leaving the car
  • Make sure that you do not park on the carriage way or hard shoulder of another road unless it is an emergency
  • Do not park in front of a pedestrian crossing the road or place marked with zigzag lines
  • Do not park at the bus stop within its hours of operation unless you are picking up something
  • Do not park on cycle lane during its hours of operation
  • Do not park in reserved parking spaces especially if you are not among the specified users.
  • Make sure that you park in safe area which does not endanger/inconvenience/obstruct pedestrians or any other road users for instance public place entrances.
  • Do not park opposite or within ten meters from a junction apart from an authorized parking area
  • While parking a car at night, be keen not to park facing against the direction of the traffic flow unless in places with park space
  • Don’t park on a road marked with double white lines a part from when you are picking up something.
  • Do not park opposite a traffic Island or on a bend.

In conclusion, there are several important safety tips for car parking that you can follow while in your self drive in Uganda.  Take note of road parking signs, marks, traffic points while parking car. Contact us for more information and we shall help you get the best experiences in your safari holiday.






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