Self Drive Jeep in Uganda

Guide to Going on Self Drive in Uganda

An excited traveler is revealed expressly later their trip is complete and rushing for a tab to write all the elations and as well assembly of a remarkable review on the Trip advisor. There is no excitement before the trip is completed, rather embarrassment may end up overpowering your expectations. However, dealing with the 4WD when driving in Uganda limits space for awkwardness, but perfects the all idea of traveling. Being excited is everyone’s wish when dropped to the

Uganda being named the Pearl of Africa possess great measures that holds a portion of excitements when driving in the section. The excited travelers after securing that best 4×4 jeep wagon to traverse with throughout, then looks for greater considerations to enhance their excitements and indeed, the country has prodigious offers.

What makes traveler more excited when in 4WD in Uganda

It’s better to note that adventures alone can make a drive more exciting, but a combination of tastes can be an assurance for offers towards making a traveler excited with their 4WD while in Uganda. Below we list and discuss the thought of being the source of excitement on a drive, some of these thoughts are not aimed at discouraging someone, rather to make you prepared not with a short mind but the open mind seeking for that great joy.

Take a self-drive

One prevailing trends of traveling on Uganda self-drive, with various reasons a number of travelers has shifted their traveling tastes from the fully guided tours to taking on self-guided tours. This traveling trend is so exciting where one decide just to have the stronger safari jeeps and decide to do the rest of the undertaking deep in the unknown. With a map extracts, GPS, and Google maps sometimes the network would not be favor and have to figure it out on unpaved roads with no signposts.

This would not scare, but the joy that one possess after a successful drive with that favorite 4×4 safari jeeps makes the trip more remarkable. The excited traveler would need to have a perfect 4×4 car than can maneuver all kinds of road conditions giving an excellent climax of the trip. Self-drive in Uganda means, rent a car without a driver and take your own path finding on the unlimited mileage cruise as per terms and conditions state.

The nature of the Landscapes

Uganda is blessed with a roll of untamed landscape which are spread across the country. Being strategically situated between the East and Western rift valley making the country vary of landscapes. Driving through relatively flatlands of eastern region creates a wider view and the northern dry lands of Karamoja remote areas displays wider range of landscape but relatively sloping. Turn to the dramatic western Uganda landscapes which only offers a lip of view on lower altitudes and wider openings when hiked higher altitudes. The landscape here is characterized by volcanic cones which are spread all over the region making it very important to consider having a 4×4 cruiser.

One of the most interesting zone is the Kigezi region seated at the shadow of the western lift valley and packed with series of cones, designed with sharper corners and a side the roads if deeper slope, this is so amazing and exciting to narrate after a successful drive. The overall landscape situation of Uganda is unrated as it vary just from region, zones and districts and

Road Conditions

Today the road conditions across the country is not worrying as a number of kilometers have been paved and this ensures rightful manner of driving. However, a number of roads in the remote areas especially the roads that connects to a number of national parks and other protected areas are still worrying to drive through during certain circumstances. But the roads in the remotest areas are well maintained though their health is disturbed by the rain season but to some extent little energy is required to drive through such. A drive through such roads, get stuck, seek help from the local, get dirty might seem annoying but some excited travelers are seeking for such moments which are uncalled for.

Models of the Car used

In Uganda, for safari purposes we don’t drive newer car models for various reasons, the newer car models use much electricity when they get a mechanical breakdown sometimes it might be hard to work on them quickly and continue with the journey. The mostly used vehicles for safari purposes are the 1996 to 2008 models and the newer the model the higher the rates hike. Considerably, a number of vehicles are offered to take a self-drive, a guided trip or even a partially guided drive (hire a car with a driver).

Though these models may look old but they are well maintained mechanically to ensure they offer a perfect drive. Their maintenance in cheaper and accessible throughout the country and their spare parts can be got from any bigger center around than the newer models. These vehicles models include the Rav4 up to 2001 model, this is mainly available for budget travelers who are wishing for something perfect and cheaper. Other models include the Toyota Prado Land Cruiser TX and TZ model 1996 to 2005, these models have proven to be the commanders all terrains in the country and beyond.

The other models are the Land cruiser VX, GX and V8, and the 70 series hardtop with the latest model being 2009. The 4X4 Nissan patrol series and the Land Rover defender are all great, super custom and Toyota Hiace (locally called drone) are perfect for van serves.

What to see matters

Beside the drives, roads, landscapes, the climax of an excited traveler concentrates much on their major goal of travel. Their anticipation on any trip must be listed and the overwhelming joy can’t be stopped. Travelers must always consider having that great car wish and drive safely to the point. Among the exciting adventure moments include sighting the Big Five, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, hiking, water rafting, bungee jumping, nature walks, primate tracking, golden monkey tracking, wild boat cruise/rides, wild camping, people and their culture among many all give an exciting moments with a 4WD in Uganda plus great number of others.






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