Things to Look for When Renting a Car in Uganda

Renting a car in Uganda first time comes with both excitements and challenges. Yes, driving a rental car in Uganda is fun, adventurous and guarantees travelers ultimate comfort as they explore their destinations. Hiring a car is a must-do because it is the most affordable way for visitors on Uganda safaris to connect to their destinations.

You can rent a car in Uganda primarily for self-drive tours, business trips, company retreats and guided Uganda safaris. If you plan to travel to Uganda –the Pearl of Africa for a vacation, renting a car should be a must-do thing. But first, here are some of the key things you should look for when renting a car in Uganda, East Africa.

What you should look for when renting a car

Fuel policy

When renting a car in Uganda or anywhere else in East Africa or part of the world, be aware that all car rental service providers/companies have their unique fuel policy. It should be at the back of your mind from the first time you think of hiring a car in Uganda for your road trip.

Often some car hire companies require that the client returns the rental car with a full gas tank as it was given to you while others may hand you a vehicle in empty tank, but you will be expected to return it the same way. But this is slightly trickier considering the fact that you can’t return a car with the tank empty. Fuel is needed for you to deliver the vehicle to where you picked it from the first day when your trip started.

Other companies may request you to pay only for the fuel you used. All the above policy options must be looked at when hiring a car and in addition, check where you will be parking the vehicle as some parking lots levy slightly higher charges.

Payment options

Once you have decided to rent a car in Uganda with a car rental company, it is advisable to ask what their acceptable payment options are. Don’t rush making payments without communicating to the company. Most companies accept credit/debit card/MasterCard payments and cash on hire.

Number of passengers

The number of people you plan to move with should determine the car size to hire for your road trip in Uganda. Small group travels require economy car rentals and large groups of 28+ pax require a comfortable Coaster Bus.

Rental car type

The nature of your road trip should guide you on the kind of car to hire. Different parts of Uganda have distinct landscapes/terrains and preferably, a 4×4 rental vehicles play a remarkable part for most road trips in the Pearl of Africa.


Not all companies offer the same price for their rental cars. Besides, the prices may differ depending on whether you are renting a car for self-drive or driver guided safaris. Take a look at the company’s set prices for the car you are hiring and what it includes and also inquire if it covers extra costs such as fuel, taxes, insurance and excess, etc.

Age limit

If you plan to rent a car in Uganda for self-drive tours, then you must inquire more on acceptable age limit for one to drive a car. Most car hire companies accept persons above 18 years to hire a car in Uganda with them and drive it. In addition, ask about the requirements for driving a rental car or hiring a car –inquire if driving license is needed.

Condition of the car

When picking up a car, don’t just start driving off without cross-checking how the car is. There could be damages, stains, broken windscreens, etc and if you don’t let the company know about them, you may incur a cost yet it wasn’t you who caused them.

Cross border policy

Do you plan to cross borders of Uganda in a rental car? Different activities may require you to go border crossing but you need to talk to your company about your travel plan. This is to let you know if their policy does allow cross border driving in their rental cars or not. Don’t assume as it may come with extra charges and besides, there is paper work required which you must present to border authorities.






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