5 Tips for Long Drives in Uganda

In Uganda, distance is normally calculated from the capital Kampala mainly from the post office to the up countries. When you travel especially for the first time with a car rental in Uganda, distance to your destination usually becomes your worry. This is because it is your first time to travel in Uganda or you are worried of the road network as a frequent traveler. Driving in a new destination is a good experience to exercise behind the wheels on a self drive but comes with a challenge in case you are not sure of the right way. However, travelers on a self drive in Uganda are always improvised with the necessities of self drive services like the traveler’s maps to always find the right way to their preferred destinations in Uganda.

The fact that Uganda is ranked among the top destinations for travel, places of interests like national parks are distanced far away from the city and usually signs of tiredness on arrival shows  that you have traveled a long distance.

Below are tips travel Uganda’s long distances with car rental.

Fuel up the tank or travel with enough. As you plan your long distance, make sure the fuel chamber is enough. This is done to avoid the shortage in rural areas as fuel stations are scarce and difficult to locate. It also serves as an advantage to take off in case you fall into ambush of wrong doers.  On receiving a rental car in Uganda, it’s your duty to add in fuel because most car rental companies’ policies in Uganda provide only fuel for pick up or drop off to the airport. Fuel stations in towns are easy to find and a liter of fuel is approximately to one USD.

Have enough rest. As mostly said by travelers that for any driver ready to set off for a long distance in Uganda should have enough sleep before he/she sits behind the wheels. It is healthy and advisable by healthy workers since this gives the driver enough energy to drive such a distance in Uganda. It is also advantageous to a driver to be alert and of sound mind hence avoiding accidents due to drowsiness or dozing on the steering wheel.

Follow the traffic rules. On your long distance trip, you will be familiar to different road signs along the road pavements. Drive carefully and respect them in order to have a safe drive in Uganda. Make stops; reduce speed where the signpost tells to do so. This makes one behind the wheels to be observant on the road hence a good driver.

Request for a driver in Uganda. In case you fear to be behind the wheels alone, a hire a driver  for assistance on the road. He knows at least 99% of the roads. Hiring a driver is yet another car rental service in Uganda. It looks to be expensive to rent both a car and a driver but the best option to take in case you are traveling overseas or foreign land for the first time.

Lastly if you can’t afford  to rent a driver and alternative is to rent a GPS for your travel in Uganda.






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