What to Pack on A Car Rental Trip in Uganda

Warm clothing like long sleeved in case of cold environment like in Bwindi National park and other places. Jackets and Jumpers are also necessary.

Good Hiking shoes, it will help in nature walks and also tracking gorillas or chimpanzees. Hiking shoes are also important when going for hiking mountains like Rwenzori. Volcano Hiking like Sabyinyo in Mgahinga national park.

Yellow fever vaccination cards remember to put it togather with your passport because they can ask for it at the airport.

Have snacks and eats in the car, Drinking water in case you become thirsty. Remember to break the journey for Lunch, stretch a bit and also to take a photo in case there are interesting things along the way.

Altitude sickness tablets most especially for clients going for mountaineering like Rwenzori and Mountain Elgon, Volcanic Mountains and etc.

On a Uganda car rental trip make sure you have a valid driving permit it can be local from your home country or international, they can both work in Uganda.

On a self-drive trip make sure you rent a car with Comprehensive insurance, third party stickers, in most cases when a traffic officer stop you, he will need to look on those stickers and your driving permit

On a camping trip, make sure you shop enough food for you. Check whether you have everything for cooking like the cutlery, pans and etc.

Pack enough clothes for your trip; this will depend on the number of days you will spend on your vacation and the kind of activities. If you are to go and relax on beaches, do not forget to pack beach clothes.

It’s good to have some money in local currency, this will help you purchase small things you prefer in shops or super markets where they do not accept foreign currency or charge the card.






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