Samuka Island Retreat

Here are Discount Island Holidays in Uganda

Are you a traveler, is it a holiday you seek or just Safari somewhere in the Ugandan jungle? Well, we have deals in abundance as we look to subsidize for you and give you deals to die for.

Ever heard of Serenada Eco Resort? This is a gem of a destination for those looking to avoid the long journeys and yet still experience the destination Uganda. Located at the shores of Lake Victoria in Mukono District’s Buvuma Island, it is arguably the closest eco-lodge resort to Kampala City. And its foremost features are 2 tropical forests, a jungle of papyrus, a Lake Victoria waterfront, 4 beautiful gardens, a beach, and part of Kyasa Mountain of 1,200 meters above sea level. Not to mention the over 220 birds species, rare butterflies, and animals.

Or you could venture further into Jinja, and seek out the shores of Lake Victoria to explore Samuka Island. One Trip Advisor calls a place for a retreat. It further describes it as a boutique lodge within a bird Sanctuary with over 50 species of birds. “A gentle boat trip from Rumours at the Source of the Nile in Jinja will take the discerning traveler to Samuka Island,” they write. “With a spectacular waterfront setting, natural beauty, and the option of relaxing in a secluded spot, all combine to make your stay the perfect way to refresh the mind, body, and delight the senses.”

We already had mentioned this, but we thought we should re-share it. Is it Brovad Sands Lodge you seek? Nestled in the charming island of Bugala in the Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria, this lodge is synonymous with providing the right blend of service, luxury, and quiet efficiency. Acclaimed for all-around excellence and unparalleled levels of service, Brovad Sands Lodge has received innumerable awards and accolades. And yes, we have a couple’s deal out there.






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