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  • What to Pack on A Car Rental Trip in Uganda

    Warm clothing like long sleeved in case of cold environment like in Bwindi National park and other places. Jackets and Jumpers are also necessary. Good Hiking shoes, it will help in nature walks and also tracking gorillas or chimpanzees. Hiking shoes are also important when going for hiking mountains like Rwenzori. Volcano Hiking like Sabyinyo […]

  • Budget Gorilla Trekking

    Budget gorilla trekking is mainly about spending less money during the trip but also getting value for the money spent while trying to see the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural environment. However, budget doesn’t necessarily mean cheap but good service, comfort, hospitality and mouth-watering meals at the most affordable rates. Budget rates apply to […]

  • Guide to Going on Self Drive in Uganda

    Guide to Going on Self Drive in Uganda

    An excited traveler is revealed expressly later their trip is complete and rushing for a tab to write all the elations and as well assembly of a remarkable review on the Trip advisor. There is no excitement before the trip is completed, rather embarrassment may end up overpowering your expectations. However, dealing with the 4WD […]

  • Renting a Rooftop Tent Car in Uganda

    A decision to rent a rooftop tent car is a scored slot of a dual win catering for both transport and accommodation at ago. Have a new dimension of facing nature with an extreme outdoor night experience of taking lessen above the grounds. Don’t be as usual, it’s an adventure, make it as special as […]

  • What to Do When You Return a Rental Car

    People are always asking us here at self-drive Uganda what they should do when returning their car, and yet the truth is that when you take a car rental in Uganda, the company gives you all the information you need. However, we know that some companies bury the returning procedure under reams of small print, […]

  • Driving in Uganda: Things You Should Know

    Driving in Uganda: Things You Should Know

    Uganda is one of the few countries that you can easily discover with a rental car. The country has relatively good road infrastructure, large vehicle hire fleets run by international and local rental companies, great weather, and plenty of stunning scenery – which combines to make self-driving a viable and enjoyable option. However, taking a […]

  • Self Drive From Northern to Western Uganda

    Self Drive From Northern to Western Uganda

    Enjoy a self-drive tour from western Uganda to the northern Uganda and this will help you to explore the most visited parks in Uganda. In the western parts of Uganda, you can go and visit the mountain gorillas which are only found in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park plus the […]

  • Self Drive with Camping Gear in Kenya

    Backpacking Uganda can also provide you with your own car for self-drive safaris, holidays or business related transport within or outside Kenya. This gives you freedom to travel within your own time and requirements. Kenya is one of Africa’s best destinations for bush camping. There is no better way to freely explore and experience Kenya’s […]

  • Combine Kilimanjaro & Rwenzori Trekking in a Single Safari

    Combine Kilimanjaro & Rwenzori Trekking in a Single Safari

    The indisputable, unmatched and authentic destinations of Africa expose visitors to the unforgettable ultimate experiences. The combined Africa safaris give visitors a chance to explore and discover several destinations in just a single adventure. Africa comprises of countries such as Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Situated in Northern Tanzania close to the Kenya […]

  • 5 Camping Tips for Beginners

    5 Camping Tips for Beginners

    When you think of camping, you’d be forgiven for thinking it is unsafe. If you ask me, it does have its share of drama especially if you go for it ill prepared or ill equipped. That is to say there is a huge possibility you’ll love it to bits if you know the rules of […]

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